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Advertising and PR

I am more than willing to share my open and honest opinion on any product or service that I feel would benefit my readers, or relate to my blog!  I am currently working on a Media Kit, but please see my blog statistics below.   I look forward to hearing from you!
My email address is escarnes@gmail.com 


I am truly interested in working forming a relationship with you--doing my best to provide any guidance, exposure, or help that I can.  

Feel free to email me with questions that you may have! I look forward to having you on my sidebar! 

Blog Stats
{as of 8.1.2013}

GFC - 758+
Bloglovin' - 313+
Facebook - 300+
Twitter - 654+

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Kayla Nelms said...

Hey, I just submitted for a blog swap :) Go do mine as well! :)

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