Monday, February 08, 2016

I've Been Keeping a Secret!

Well,'s been a while since I've paid attention to this little blog of mine.  There have been SO MANY holiday things I've wanted to blog about, and we've had so much fun at school this winter.  (I am still planning a 100th Day post, but we'll see if that actually happens!).

I just am so excited that I get to tell you now WHY I've been so quiet!  

We found out just after Christmas that we're expecting!! We are just OVER THE MOON!! Andrew, (astrophysicist/lover of all things space) has just been the most supportive husband while I've been the most tired I've ever been.  Luckily, I've really not had to fight much sickness.  I just am continuously praising God for this gift and praying that baby stays healthy for this entire journey!

Ah, it just seems so surreal still.  I've been dreaming of this FOREVER, and I am just so overjoyed that we are at this stage of life. :)  Now, if I can just concentrate on everything else...

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

LegoLand Field Trip!

Hey friends!! I'm SO tired after a fantastic field trip to Lego Land yesterday.  Gosh, it was just SO MUCH FUN!!!

I'm so thankful for the best kindergarten team, and a fantastic bunch of kiddos, and their wonderful parents who came as chaperones.  Life is GOOD!


Make sure to check out my post over on the Kinder Tribe blog today.  I'm sharing all of my tips for keeping your center materials organized today. :)

Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Classroom Decor!

I'm so excited that it is Christmas time!! Three weeks of fun Christmas activities; I just love it all!

I went to school over the break to decorate the room...take a long at the "before."  Of course, the kiddos will help with ornaments, and my door is missing the lettering.  It will eventually say "Cartwheeling through Kindergarten!"

I forgot to take a picture of the bulletin board I put up, but I used everything that my awesome moms from last year put up.  Here's a pic of last years...

I also wrapped up our Elf on the Shelf over the break, and can't wait for it to be delivered to our classroom TODAY!! The kids are going to LOVE it!! I cannot wait to see it. :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

"My Turkey is Jesus."

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

I just had to pop in and share photos from our Thanksgiving Feast last week.  We had SO much fun making our own Indian headdresses (with pattern shapes on them), and painting paper bags for Indian vests!  All SIX classes created Thanksgiving place mats, too, and our awesome room moms (plus a few extra) helped us set the "table."

"I am thankful for love and I am thankful for God."

"I am thankful for God.  I am thankful for the sun." 

"I am thankful for Mrs. Carnes."

I mean seriously, it can't get much better than this!

We used loooonng butcher paper and put it ALL the way down our kindergarten hallway.  Parents help supply the food; it's just awesome!

Oh, and I'm SURE you know that precious little activity where the students can create disguises for their turkeys??  Well, mine was a little last minute, as I wasn't planning on doing it since my little ones don't like to color that much.  (I didn't think it would go over well).  However, they had some GREAT ideas, and I just couldn't help but snap a picture of this one.  Too sweet...and I love that he even gave Jesus a goatee! 

I guess I need to mention that, no, I do not teach at a Christian school, but I'm hoping that the work my students have done this year are maybe a product of the love I've shown them through my actions?


I'm praying that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

{Wallpaper from my Cuptakes app}

Monday, November 16, 2015

I'm BACK!!

Well, if anyone is still out there in the world of blog readers, I'm back!! I've seriously missed you!  Not writing/reading blogs for almost a month is something I hope to never miss out on again. :)

The past few weeks have been absolutely crazy-- long story short, we had a teammate leave, and our kinder team worked HARD to find a replacement and to take care of her precious class.  We have a GREAT new teammate, and all is right with the world now!

So, what have you missed from my classroom?? Here are the highlights:

The kiddos dressed up as book characters.  It was so fun!!

{w/ Clifford!}

Also, a giant visited our classroom and left footprints all over.  We used them to measure various items in the classroom. The kids LOVED measuring and seeing which items were longer/shorter!

Oh, and who can forget planting pumpkin seeds BACK in to the pumpkin?

Community Helpers Week:
Mrs. Davis and I got to put on the firefighter uniforms.  SO HEAVY!!

The kiddos got to dress up like community helpers on Friday, too, so of course we joined in!!

Now, here's to getting through one more week with the little ones before Thanksgiving break!  We'll be working hard on Thanksgiving place mats, Indian vests and headdresses for our feast this week!
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