Thursday, July 02, 2015

I'm a "Master"!!!

I officially have my master's degree!! I'm SO excited!

Just over a year ago, I began my journey at LaGrange College in Georgia.  And now?? I have my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction with these lovely people.  Whoo!!

So now, I've just got to take the GACE (state test) to get my pay raise, and I'm DONE.  I'm so ready to not have to juggle graduate school AND work school.  It's going to be a great year!

Do you have a higher education degree?  Do you love it?

Monday, June 22, 2015

Summer Picnic Party

Last week a few of my girlfriends and I went downtown Atlanta to Passion City's women event.  The Grove had a Summer Picnic Party in Piedmont Park.  It was so fun, and I just couldn't help but share photos with you!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

"What would you do?"

I'm finishing up my last summer semester of graduate school, and am looking forward to having my Master's degree in just a few short weeks.  Yay!

One of the classes I'm in right now has brought up some really good discussion between my peers, and I almost feel as if I'm in the minority in a few things.  I just assumed that since I was in a room full of teachers, we would all be on the same page, so to speak.

WEdnesday, we were discussing the cost of teachers in the United States, and comparing it to some other countries (such as Finland who pay their teachers just like doctors).

The conversation continued on, and our professor asked us, well, if money wasn't an object, what would we do with our lives?  I mean, the answer seemed obvious to me...I would still teach.  Now, I may teach at a part-time church preschool or something, so that I would have more time to spend with family, but I just absolutely love teaching and have always known that that's what my life is supposed to be.

To my surprise, people around the room were talking about completely different things that they would do. I mean, was I not sitting in a room full of teachers?

I understand that I am still a new teacher, and that most of them have been teaching for 10+ years, but I just don't get it.  I hope that when I am a real veteran teacher, that I will still love teaching just as much as I do now.

How long have you been teaching? How do you feel about this?

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

End of the Year Thoughts

I really am at a loss of words to describe my thoughts right now.  This past year has definitely been one for the books!  I had the opportunity to work with THE BEST kindergarten team, and I'm so excited that we are all staying in kindergarten together next year.  Yay!  They have taught me so much, and I love them to pieces. :)

This was my first full year in my own classroom, and it definitely did not disappoint.  I was blessed to teach such fun, energetic, loving five year olds!  I am really going to miss them, but am so excited that I will be able to watch them grow as they move up in the school.  (Each school I've been in before: a church preschool half day, and as a teacher's assistant, I've left the school after the first year.)  It will really be special to be able to see them again next year!

As I reflect on what this past year has meant to me, I keep thinking of the word AWESOME.  As cliche' as it is, this year really has been awesome.  I've had awesome co-workers, an awesome administration, an awesome bunch of kiddos, with awesome parents, and I feel I have done awesome things. :)  I just hope that the years to come with be as awesome as the first!

Now, I'll need someone to come help me pack up my room and keep me from crying.  It's going to look so bare and boring in there...
Meet the Teacher night vs. Last Day of School!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Break to London!

Spring Break is normally a stay-at-home and relax break.  Lots of people head to the beach, but I typically will go visit family or just stay at home and get some work done.

This year was completely different.  Andrew and I jetted off to London for Spring Break, and had the best time!  A London vacation was a dream of ours, and it all just fell in place this year.  So fantastic, and I still feel like we were living a dream!

Our first two days were spent exploring the city, and touring London.  Day 3 we took a tour out to Leeds Castle, Canterbury, Dover and Greenwich.  We visited Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, and Oxford on Day 4, and on Day 5 we took a train through the channel to Paris!  Our last day was spent in London again...going back to places we missed, and making the best of our last day.  It was a whirlwind of awesome and I can't wait to create a photo book of our trip. :)

{Easter morning service in St. Paul's Catherdral}

{Beautiful flowers in St. James Park}

{Buckingham Palace}

{Leeds Castle}

{Eastern/Western Hemisphere Line in Greenwich Park}


{Windsor Castle-The Queen was home!} 

{Lunch on the first floor of the Eiffle Tower}

{Riding down the Saine River in Paris}

{Just hanging out with Mona Lisa}

{The London Eye}

{Big Ben and the Parliament Building}

{Westminster Abbey}

London, I will forever miss you.  Thank for you distracting me from work, and allowing me a week of relaxation and time with my family.  Thank you for making one of my dreams a reality!

Now, back to the real world.  Six weeks left; let the countdown begin!

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