Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Ocean Book!

One of my favorite end of the year activities, is our ocean book that we complete during our ocean unit.  We usually do this unit for two weeks, and it's just too fun!

Each page of the book is glued to a piece of construction paper, and over the course of the two weeks, we write facts and create the ocean animals we're studying.  It's just a great way to wrap up the year...we research the animals and practice our reading comprehension, we practice our listening skills as we create the animals, and work on our informative writing.  It's awesome!

You'll see that as the week went on, I was able to stop modeling as much, and was able to let the kids add more of their creativity/writing. Check it out:

(Our cover page is a directed drawing/painting activity we do the last day of the unit).  

(We started out with whales!  I had a parent help me cut the pieces for the craft from a paper plate, and the kids painted the entire whale blue.  After drying, we glued, added an eye, and added a setting).  
**I modeled what our writing could look like, and let them at it!

(Seahorses were next on the list! This is where we got our inspiration for our craft.  Again, I cut the template from a paper plate, and then we swirled acrylic paint with shaving cream. Then, we dipped our seahorse in the mix, scraped off the shaving cream, AND the paint stayed!)
**This was the last day I modeled my writing...

(Our fish was next! We read Rainbow Fish, among other research based books, but had to make our craft a rainbow fish! So fun!)
**Like I said, I didn't model the writing anymore.  Just reminded them where the title went, and how to start it off).

(We made another shape craft for our crab.  I love these so much!)

(We did a directed drawing for the dolphin.  I just didn't finish coloring my example page). 
**Again, I was able to be a lot less "directed" with our crafts and writing as we got to the end of our two week unit.  They were pro's by the end of it!

I hate that I didn't get a picture of my last "example" page.  We studied sharks last...look closely in the video and you'll see a student example of the sharks.  I think that was their favorite one!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Field Day Fun!

Our field day was just too fun last week! I was so grateful that the weather wasn't ridiculously hot...this preggo was NOT prepared for super hot weather. :)

The P.E. coaches planned an Operation Field Day all of our morning class games were military themed.  Check it out...

The kids FAVORITE game, by far, was the one where they had to put me on a stretcher, bandage me up, and get the "helicopter" to save me.  They were laughing the whole time (except for this guy...who took his duties very seriously)!!

Do you have themes for field day? Let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2016

End of the Year - Parent and Teacher Gifts

One of my favorite things about the end of the year, is that I get to shower my students, and my room mom(s) with gifts.  I try to plan ahead, and not go too crazy...but it's just too fun!

Here's what I'm giving everyone on Thursday during our class party:

Students: frisbee and sunglasses (from Oriental Trading) and a book from a previous Scholastic Reading Club order.

Room Mom: monogrammed towel and pedicure gift card
Paraprofessional: monogrammed towel and magazine

Not my room mom, but a mom who was SUPER helpful: pitcher and lemonade mix
"Thanks for always PITCHING in!"

I hope everyone realizes how special they are, and has a wonderful summer! What are you giving your students/room mom so that they know how much you appreciate them?! Let me know!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Surprise Baby Shower!

My sweet class surprised me with a precious baby shower three weeks ago, and I've been so anxious to share with you!

They were SO sneaky! We had just come inside from recess, and I was packing them up early so that we could do our activity that I'd planning for us to end the day with.  I got a call from HR, telling me I HAD to go to her office immediately, because corporate was on the phone, and needed answers about my maternity leave right away.  I was so nervous!!

So, I go and sit in her office, and she's terrifying me with all of her questions, when one of our sweet secretaries busts in the office, telling me my class is in the cafe' and need me immediately.  (I knew something was up then, but was totally not expecting a baby shower!)

I was so kids were SO excited that they had kept a surprise from me all day long.  My room mas was so sweet to organize the whole thing...I mean, check out how adorable everything was!

I am so blessed with such a sweet class. Harper Rae is one lucky little lady!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Kindergarten Round Up!

I shared this on the Kinder Tribe blog earlier this month, but wanted to share it with y'all too!! Make sure you grab your freebie!


For the second year in a row, my kindergarten team has hosted a "Kindergarten Round Up" for our incoming kindergartners.  We LOVE doing this, because it gives us an opportunity to meet the students who are going to be spending the year with us next year AND it gets the students excited about kindergarten!

I wanted to share some tips to make YOUR kindergarten round up a successful one!  Of course, we were so busy, I didn't get many pictures...I know; terrible blogger status...bare with me!

*I designed an invitation for us, and our principal emailed it out to all of our incoming families! They had two afternoons to chose from...of course, the second night was definitely busier than the first!  (I may even recommend dividing it, and assigning nights for parents.)

*We divided the kiddos in to three groups when they were with us, so to help with that, we used three different clip boards (each with different colors).  We use coordinating sharpies to write their name tags, so that when we took the kiddos to our rooms, we could just say "blue group come with me", etc.

*Our art department had an old barn left over from their art show, so we borrowed that and one of my team members made some precious cowboy photo props (think hat, sheriffs badge, etc.)
*This worked well for TWO things...we now have pictures with each of the kids so we remember who they are AND the parents had fun taking pictures of their kiddos. :)

*The parents stayed in the Multi-Purpose room with our AP and discussed all of the important topics, got a tour, etc.  This kept them busy while we had their kids, and allowed them to concentrate on all of the boring parent stuff!

*Like I said, we had the kids in three groups.  We rotated each group in 15 minutes segments (math assessment, letter assessment, bingo/behavior assessment).  I created one assessment sheet for each child, so that all of our info was together.  The kiddos just traveled with their papers:

Here's a sneak peek of what we had the children do on the sheets:

And the recording sheet the "behavior" team used...

To make your kindergarten round up go a bit more smoothly, I want each of you to grab the assessment packet for FREE!!  Just head over to my TpT store to download it!

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