Monday, July 25, 2016

Christmas in July GIVEAWAY

Happy Christmas in July!!! Are you preparing to go back to school, like me?? I'm headed to school today to get my classroom set up...I can't wait to get in there! 

Some of us at The Kinder Tribe wanted to share some of our favorite TpT products with you to celebrate the "holiday".  Here's what is up for grabs:

Enter the giveaway below...winner will be selected on Friday, July 29th!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Christmas in July - My Favorites!

Christmas time is my FAVORITE time of year, and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in July this year!  I mean, I'm even having my girl friends out to my house on Monday for a Christmas in July cookie exchange (look out for more details)! 

So, I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite Christmas activities or displays that we do each year in kindergarten!


Sadly, I never got a finished picture of my precious snowman...but I kept him up for December and January.  The kids loved that he was upside down!  I added the words "Cartwheelin' Through Kinder" at the top!

Our team spends a full week rotating from class to class, so that the kids can celebrate and learn about Christmas in different countries.  Two years ago, we had to stay in our classrooms all day for testing, so we rotated one class per day...this past year, we rotated through two classes to speed up the process a bit.  It was so AWESOME!
Each teacher picked one country, and provided all the materials,etc. for the lesson.  So, the teacher only prepared one lesson, and would just teach it to each class.  We made "suitcases" out of file folders, and the kids carried them around from class to class so that all of their creations and projects could be safely transported.  We used this packet for some inspiration!  I highly recommend it!

This is my favorite day.  The hallway is decorated, everyone is in PJ's, our principal readings The Polar Express to the kids, we get to drink hot cocoa in the hallway...all before watching the movie in our classroom.  It's the BEST!

What are you favorite ways to celebrate Christmas in the classroom? Can you celebrate at your school?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

"He is still GOOD"

The past few weeks have been so tough for me as I watch my country crumble around me.  I often try to just not pay attention to whats happening, and ignore all of the craziness that is being talking about on T.V., but how can I ignore what is going on around me now?  All of the little love.  I can't take it.

I was scrolling through pinterest yesterday, and ran across this post.  It's such a beautiful reminder that even though there is negative...God is still good.  We will just have to trust that He is going to carry us through this.  

Friday, July 15, 2016

Moving While Pregnant-

I honestly wouldn't recommend moving while pregnant if you don't have to, BUT, if you doesn't have to be horrible.  I wanted to share a few of the things that made moving as painless as possible for us, in hopes that it may help you out too!  (We closed on Friday and moved in earlier this week).

I started packing our stuff about two weeks before closing.  Since I'm a teacher, it was easy for me to just do a little at a time...I started with our storage closets, then moved to packing up the things we didn't need to have out until we moved in to our new house (winter clothes, china, etc.)

As I was going through our closets, I realized we had a lot of stuff we absolutely did not need, or hadn't used in a least a year. So, if we didn't need it, it went to Goodwill!  (If you have time for a yard sale, I'd definitely recommend setting up a yard sale; every little bit of extra money will help!)

As I packed everything, I made sure to label them so I knew where each box needs to go.  Let's be're pregnant, and won't be able to carry too many boxes.  You'll be delegating, and pointing fingers, etc....and those labeled will make it easier on the movers (if you're lucky enough to have movers).

I really think that cleaning is the WORST part of moving.  All of those nooks and crannies that never get cleaned because of normal life are just too much.  So, as you empty out those closets, and rooms, go ahead and at least sweep as you go! It will definitely make it easier when the house is empty!

Thankfully, we're just moving outside of town, and don't need to move everything in one day.  We'll take trips back and forth, so that it won't kill us!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

True Life I'm Pregnant: I Cry A Lot

For this episode of "True Life: I'm Pregnant" ...


I feel like I've honestly had a pretty good hold on my emotions for the majority of this pregnancy. Hopefully, Andrew would agree?  (I think it's helped that I've been aware of my crazy moments...)!

But y'all, lately, I've been a hot mess!! I guess it doesn't help that we've also just closed on a house!  (Did you see the news??)  Between that, and pregnancy, and planning for the new school year, I'm a bit of a mess lately.

So, what have I cried over lately?

**My wait at a local restaurant a few weeks ago (and the fact that they burned my onion rings).
**Ellen's birthday episode...where they shared all of her wonderful humanitarian accomplishments.
**The Olympic trials that have been on T.V. lately...I mean, those interviews with the gymnasts get me every time!
**The sweet old couple at church who are cuter than anything
**Not being able to set up Harper's nursery until we moved in to the new house
**when I found out that our crib (which I've still not ordered, because we're lucky that family is getting it for us) is out of stock
**when Bud wouldn't snuggle with me on the couch

I mean, ya'll, it's just too much.  The funniest part about it? I feel myself going "crazy" and want to laugh at myself for being so ridiculous, but the emotions just feel so real!

Oh well, I guess it's all part of the game, right? I wouldn't trade it for the world!!
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